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Welcome to the web site of the International Staple, Nail, And Tool Association.  ISANTA is an international organization of premier power fastening companies involved in the design, manufacturing, and sales of pneumatic and cordless tools and the fasteners they drive.


Users of this site are subject to the "Terms and Conditions of Use" as established by ISANTA.  Please review these terms before proceeding.



ISANTA Members     Names, links, addresses,  telephone numbers, etc. for members


Power Fastening Safety      Information and training materials


Building Codes     Building codes and Evaluation Reports (ESR-1539)


ASTM Fastener Standards     ASTM standards related to nails and staples


What's New     Information about tools, fasteners, and ISANTA


Industry Associations     Other organizations that might help you


Terms And Conditions     Things to know about using this site


Contact ISANTA     How to contact ISANTA




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